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 04/03/2013 - AMWA Community Newsletter April 2013

 02/15/2013 - AMWA Community Newsletter February 2013


These documents contain licenses related to the AMWA Association:

- Advanced Authoring Format Implementer's Agreement 2.0 (PDF, 52k)
- Microsoft Structured Storage License (PDF, 116k)
- SchemaSoft-AAFA SSL License Available on the AMWA Forum to members only
- SchemaSoft Object Code Redistribution Terms (PDF, 46k)
- Independent Contractor Agreement for SchemaSoft (DOC, 40k)


These documents contain policies of the AMWA Association:

- Board Participation Policy (PDF, 20k)
- Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF, 9k)
- Document Succession and Referencing Policy (PDF, 96k)
- Dues Payment Policy - as of 12/13/2007 (PDF, 58k)
- Member Press Releases Policy (PDF, 30k)
- Non-member Meeting Policy (PDF, 105k)
- Private Metadata Policy (PDF, 32k)
- Project Process Policy - as of 7/8/2010 (PDF, 137k)
- Project Work Proposal Template (PDF, 27k)
- Trademark Usage Policy (PDF, 150k)

Intellectual Property Rights

- Intellectual Property Policy 2.0 (PDF, 96k)
- Intellectual Property Rights Fact Sheet 2.0 (PDF, 174k)
- Meeting Invocation 2.0 (PDF, 27k)
- AMWA Meeting Sign-In Sheet (PDF, 8k)


Advanced Authoring Format

- "AAF" - EBU Technical Review (pdf, 270k)
- Enabling Better Media Workflows: An Overview of the Advanced Authoring Format (pdf, 530k)

AMWA Specifications

- A Quick Tour of Wrappers and MXF (pdf, 651k)
- The AMWA Family of Application Specifications for MXF (pdf, 298k)
- AAF to Application Specifications: How They Fit An Advanced Media Workflow (pdf, 123k)
- Quick Introduction to MXF AS02 and AS03 (pdf, 944k)
- Business Drivers for AS02 and AS03 (pdf, 691k)
- MXF: Joined-Up Workflows & Business Efficiencies (pdf, 414k)
- Accelerating Standards Development (pdf, 269k)
- Avid Viewpoint: The Promise of AS-02 (pdf, 223k)
- MXF for Program Contribution, AS-11 (pdf, 533k)

Applications for AMWA Specifications

- RadiantGrid paper on What to look for in a transcoding platform (pdf, 294k)

FIMS (Framework for Interoperable Media Services)

- Tying It All Together - A watershed moment in the Media Industry (pdf, 372k)
- AMWA/EBU FIMS: Joint Task Force to Seek a Framework for Interoperable Media Services (pdf, 530k)
- The Service Oriented Architecture: A tool for building interoperable media services (pdf, 197k)
- Commercial Content Production & Service Oriented Architectures (pdf, 495k)
- The Business Case for FIMS (pdf, 383k)

Management of Metadata for Video Workflows (Commercials and Long form content)

- The Elephant in the Room: a look at content identification (pdf, 2.1MB)
- The Life of a Commercial, AS-12 provides solutions to the problems that arise in existing workflows (pdf, 372k)
- Are Fully Digital Workflows A Pipe Dream? (pdf, 295k)
- Smooth Asset Workflows, Bigfoot, and UFOs (pdf, 888k)

MXF Format

- Encoding Data into MXF files: BER and KLV encoding (pdf, 669k)
- The Structure of an MXF file: The Physical view (pdf, 669k)