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NAB 2019 Cisco IP fabric for Media
Rahul Parameswaran, Cisco

A Demonstration of ZeNMOS and SDPoker
Richard Cartwright, Streampunk Media
A brief demonstration of open-source testing tools ZeNMOS and SDPoker, designed to help users and suppliers to test products that support the latest IP Standards (SMTPE ST 2110) and Specifications (AMWA NMOS IS-04).

Introducing the AMWA Agile Media Blueprint
Richard Cartwright, Streampunk Media
Introducing the Agile Media Blueprint (AMB), a plan for how to use the same technology platform as used for the Internet to make television, OTT media systems and to enable new kinds of creativity.

This presentation provides use cases, technical introduction, a demonstration of initial work by a member and pointers to further resources.

Webinar: AMWA AS-11: Introducing the New Rules-Based Specifications
Thomas Heritage, BBC and Kevin Burrows, Channel 4
The AMWA AS-11 family of Specifications define constrained media file formats for the delivery of finished media assets to a broadcaster or publisher.

Demonstration of NMOS Registration and Discovery
Alex Rawcliffe
Alex Rawcliffe presents an example of NMOS Registration and Discovery in action using software and hardware from multiple manufacturers.

An Introduction to the AMWA Networked Media Incubator project
Brad Gilmer, AMWA

1. Introduction to Networked Media Open Specifications
Andrew Bonney and Alex Rawcliffe
NMOS is a family name for specifications produced by the Advanced Media Workflow Association related to networked media for professional applications. Andrew Bonney and Alex Rawcliffe introduce the current specifications in progress, their data model and key concepts.

2. Discovery and Registration
Andrew Bonney and Alex Rawcliffe
A robust and scalable approach to Discovery is essential element of real-world management networked media. Andrew and Alex describe how to use NMOS's Node, Registration and Query APIs for discovery, from small peer-to-peer cases to large installations.

3. NMOS: Connection Mangement
Andrew Bonney and Alex Rawcliffe
NMOS allows Senders and Receivers to be connected in a transport-agnostic way. Andrew and Alex describe how to do this using the Node API.

4. NMOS: In-stream Identity and Timing
Andrew Bonney and Alex Rawcliffe
NMOS provides a universal identity model for content and an end-to-end timing model, both important elements of a future-proof networked media architecture. Andrew and Alex explain these contents, and how they are mapped to media streams.

The business case for AS 11, MXF for Contribution. pt 1 of 2
Ian Wimsett, Red Bee Media
Part 1 of a presentation given by Ian Wimsett at NAB 2012. The AMWA application specification was designed to meet the needs of publisher broadcasters who may need to process content, for example segmentation, before it is ready for air.

The Business Case for AS-11: MXF for Contribution, pt 2 of 2
Ian Wimsett, Red Bee Media
A presentation by Ian Wimsett given at NAB 2012

Introduction to AS-12, MXF for Commercials
Harold Geller, AdID
Harold Geller presents at NAB 2012

MXF for Production - Acquisition to Air & Archive
Dan Shockley, CNN
A presentation by Dan Shockley from NAB 2012 on the AMWA specification 'MXF for Production', AS-10

What AS-11 DPP Product Certification Means for Your Business
IBC Panel Discussion

Business case for delivery and control standards in program workflows - Bruce Devlin

Bruce Devlin, Dalet
This presentation makes the business case for delivery and control standards in professional media program workflows. This presentation was given by Bruce Devlin, Dalet/Amberfin at NAB 2014.

UK Digital Production Partnership Update - Andy Tennant, ITV and Kevin Burrow
Andy Tennant, ITV and Kevin Burrows, Channel 4
This is an update on the progress of the UK Digital Production Partnership (DPP) effort to move to file-based delivery for all UK broadcasters by the Fall of 2014. The presentation was given by Andy Tennant of iTV and Kevin Burrows of Channel 4 at NAB 2014, and it talks about the status of the AS-11 DPP work and a certification program for vendors. For more information see http://www.digitalproductionpartnersh...

Task Force on File Formats and Media Interoperability - Clyde Smith FOX Networks
Clyde Smith, FOX Networks
This is a presentation on the work of the Task Force on File Formats and Media Interoperability. It was given by Clyde Smith of FOX Networks at NAB 2014.