Business Benefits
  • The AMWA provides an environment which lowers the financial risk of technology decisions and helps to get the maximum return on investment by enabling cost effective, well integrated systems.

  • For media companies, all projects have clearly defined business benefits and exist to improve efficiencies in both technical resources and manpower.

  • Close collaboration between media companies and their suppliers increases understanding and helps align the supply of products and services to end users’ operational needs.

  • For suppliers, participation in AMWA projects can lower the perceived risk for customers when choosing products and investing substantial sums in new technology.

Technology Benefits
  • AMWA is the only media-industry association that focuses on enabling smoother, more efficient, workflows and system implementations.

  • Interoperability and standardized interconnections support the design of best of breed systems.

  • AMWA online forums provide a place for open technical discussions and consensus between a wide range of end users and suppliers.

  • Workshops provide a safe environment to work with other organisations in software development.



What we do


All AMWA member dues are annual and renew on the anniversary month of membership commencement.  Membership and participation in projects are open to all full time staff of a member company but not contractors.


Principal Members

Principal members set the strategy and direction of the AMWA, and are the only level of membership eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.  The AMWA Board sets the direction of the Association, including the budget and resource allocation, and approves project proposals. Principal members are entitled to all membership benefits.  The AMWA posts Principal member logos on its web site and include links to specific pages on the member’s web sites.

Principal member dues are $10,300 annually. Join Now

General Members

General members share most of the Principal member entitlements except for serving on the Board of Directors.  They have access to all projects and can initiate new work (which is subject to Board approval). The AMWA will post General member logos on the AMWA web site, with links to company web sites.

General member dues are $5,200 annually. Join Now

Associate Members

Associate members can join working groups creating the specifications on the NMOS project only. They can also attend the regular developer workshops and AMWA pre-show qualification events, where appropriate.  They are not able to propose new projects. The AMWA will post Associate member logos on the AMWA web site.

Associate member dues are $2,400 annually. Join Now

Individual Members

Individual members have the same entitlements as Associate members but Individual membership is only offered to 1) an individual without any company affiliation in the media industry, 2) an individual in academia as a student, researcher, or in some other way actively associated with an institution of higher learning, or 3) a sole proprietor or the only employee of a corporation.

Dues for Individual members are $185 annually. Join Now

All membership levels can access specifications before they are publicly available and have access to AMWA Reference Implementations.

Benefits of Membership

Eligible to participate in a Project Group

One complimentary certification per year ($1,750 value)

Eligible to participate in a Project Group

Submit unlimited project proposals to AMWA Board of Directors

Submit one project proposal per year to the AMWA Board of Directors

Propose extensions/additions to existing and new specifications

Access to AMWA Application reference implementations and sample files

Access to AMWA community (AMWA Forum)

Access to AMWA community (AMWA Forum)

Attend AMWA educational events

Member company logos posted to AMWA website with links to company pages

Manufacturers can list AMWA-compliant products on AMWA web site

Annual Membership fee

Member company logos posted to AMWA website with links to company pages

Annual Membership Fee 
US $10,300
US $5,200
US $2,400
 US $185 1
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1- Individual memberships are limited to single parties with no employment affiliation to a media industry company except in the case of a sole proprietor.

2- With approval of the AMWA Executive Director.

3- Committee participation without voting privileges.

**- With sponsorship from a Principal or General Member.

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