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AMWA provides worldwide leadership in developing and advancing the use of media standards and technology that enable more effective networked media workflows.


The Association has a number of projects in progress. Members of the AMWA work closely with committees at standards bodies like the SMPTE to ensure that work is not duplicated, and that the AMWA specifications are aligned with International standards.


To assist developers the AMWA provides comprehensive documentation on the programming interfaces and data models defined by the AMWA Specifications.


Much of the work on the specifications can be followed in the members-only AMWA Forum.  Some of the projects can be found on SourceForge.


Finished specifications are published on this web site.


The AMWA projects use three primary standards:

  • AAF, the Advanced Authoring Format (AMWA MS-01)

  • MXF - Material Exchange Format (SMPTE 377M-2004)

  • BXF - Broadcast Exchange Format (SMPTE S2021-2008)





AAF Run-Time Libraries
The AAF dynamically loadable com library, and plugins, required to run AAF applications.

AAF Developer Libraries
The AAF dynamically loadable com library, static libraries, and header files required to develop applications. Debug versions of the libraries are also included.


AAF SDK Source Code


OMF Developer Libraries
The AAF/OMF converter distributed as part of the AAF SDK source code (Utilities/AafOmf) requires OMF libraries which are no longer distributed with the AAF SDK.  Instead, the OMF developers libraries, and header files required to develop applications, may be downloaded from here.  The following zip archive contains OMF libraries for the Win32 (using MSVC 6 compiler) or Irix 6.5.x (using MIPSPro 7.3.1. compiler) platforms.  To build the AAF/OMF converter, download and unpack the following zip file, and place the resulting OMF directory into the top-level of the AAF SDK source tree (i.e., as a peer of AAFWinSDK or AAFMipsIrixSDK).  Then build the AafOmf project as required.



Download programming examples (757k, zip)



The following files are available to AMWA members only.

Please contact us at  to arrange for copies of these documents.