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This page provides a non-technical overview of the AMWA’s work to create Application Specifications for use with MXF.  The information has been provided in the form of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


Further details are available on the Specs page


What are Application Specifications?


AMWA Application Specifications are vendor-neutral and define a set of rules that constrain a standard, such as MXF, to suit a particular use.   An Application Specification can be further constrained through the use of a “shim” to meet the needs of one or more users.


How could an MXF Application Specification help my business?


The broadcast industry is becoming more and more connected between individual companies and across international borders.  There is a drive for cost savings and efficiencies in the creation and distribution of content.  The use of one consistent approach, based on proven SMPTE Standards and supported by major manufacturers, removes technical and operational ambiguity along the program path and in the exchange of content between media companies.


Can the Application Specifications change to suit my requirements?


As industry operations evolve, developments of a published Specification are always considered if a media company has new requirements that extend the Specification and do not disrupt the original operation.  Alternatively, if necessary and with the correct support, a new Application Specification can be created.


Which Application Specifications have been developed?


AS-02 for MXF Versioning specifies MXF optimized for storage of MXF program components to enable versions & inventories, for use in a multi-version, multi-lingual, multi-delivery media environment.


AS-03 for MXF Program Delivery specifies MXF optimized for the delivery of finished programming as files for direct playout via a video server.  AS-03 is based on a PBS profile for MXF program delivery and AS-03 files are intended to be delivered in their entirety and to be cached before playout.


AS-07 for MXF Archive & Preservation is for long-term archiving and preservation of moving image content and associated materials including audio, captions, multiple legacy timecodes and other metadata. The main users for AS-07 are archives that maintain audiovisual content for the long term.


AS-10 for MXF for Production specifies MXF optimized for an end-to-end production workflow including camera acquisition, server storage, editing, playout, digital distribution and archive.  AS-10 was developed at the request of CNN, Harmonic and Sony and to provide backward compatibility with existing MXF based systems and devices.


AS-11 for MXF Program Contribution was developed initially for use in the UK by the Digital Production Partnership (DPP).  It has since evolved into an SD, HD and UHD family of specifications to satisfy the needs of broadcasters across the world.


AS-12 for MXF Commercial Delivery is an MXF file format optimized for the delivery of finished commercials to broadcast stations.  AS-12 adds advertising identification metadata to an advertisement contained in an AMWA MXF Application Specification compliant MXF file.

Can I be confident that there is interoperability of files supplied from a range of equipment suppliers?


An AMWA Certification Authority has been set up to provide confidence to end users when purchasing or using products to create MXF files.

The AMWA Certification Authority works with partner organizations to demonstrate to the industry that products meet testing criteria established by our partners.

It is important to note that the CA does not establish the criteria for certification, nor does it perform testing or analysis to determine whether a vendor's product meets those criteria - this work is done elsewhere. However, once the vendor has proof that their product meets the criteria, they may apply to the CA in order to be granted formal certification and access to logos and other marketing material to promote their products and services.

Further details are available via the CERTIFICATION option on the drop-down menu above

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