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AS-11: Media Contribution File Formats

The AMWA AS-11 family of Specifications define constrained media file formats (based on MXF) for the delivery of finished media assets to a broadcaster or publisher.  Each Specification is developed for a particular business purpose.


The AS-11 Overview GitHub project is used to host additional resources for all the AS-11 Specifications including an issue tracker, sample files, tools, and more information.

History of AS-11 development

The AS-11 UK DPP HD & SD Specifications are well established for the delivery of finished programs to media companies within the UK.


Traditionally, AMWA Specifications have been text-based.  While being easily human-readable, they do not support automated processes or allow the Specification to be quickly and efficiently adapted for new users.  This has led to the development of Rules-based, machine-readable Specifications.  Building blocks (“rules”) for all the video, audio, metadata, etc aspects are combined into the final Specification.  Human-readable descriptions can be generated automatically from the machine versions, and these building blocks can be re-used in other Specifications.


This new approach has proven especially valuable as the AS-11 family of Specifications has been extended to accommodate the needs of new international users.  New specifications have been created to:

  • Meet the requirements of broadcasters in the Nordic countries, Australia and New Zealand, as well as broadcasters represented by the North American Broadcasters Association (NABA) and the DPP

  • Add support for UHD and HDR content

  • Cater for delivery of short-form content in addition to full-length programs (such as commercials, promotions, and music videos)

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