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Incubator workshop Basingstoke 8-Aug-17.

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expanding the adoption of NMOS-based products 

The AMWA's Networked Media Open Specifications (NMOS) exist to support the industry adoption of an open, inter-operable approach to IP-based infrastructures.

Many companies, both members and non-members of the AMWA, have worked hard to implement NMOS in their product ranges and we encourage end users to reference the catalog when designing best-of-breed, interoperable systems.  We are also keen to support suppliers who wish to reach end users who might be in the market for their products.

This web page provides an opportunity

  • for end users to see a list of hardware and software products when designing IP-based systems and

  • for suppliers to reach potential new customers who are actively planning to make purchases.


End Users

The AMWA maintains a list of suppliers that provide open source and freeware plus commercial implementations of the NMOS specifications.  The lists include information about which NMOS specifications, versions and features are supported and provide links to the manufacturers’ product pages.

Use the links below to see the catalogs for:-

Many of these products have participated in the JT-NM Tested programme, with results available here.  Note that the JT-NM Tested badge does not constitute a ‘pass’ but is simply an indication that testing results are available to download.


Please note that the AMWA's product list is unlikely to include all products that are commercially available and that the AMWA does not make guarantees of conformance.  If you know of an important product that is not listed, please let us know and we will see if it can be included!


We also encourage suppliers who are not currently listed to provide information of NMOS-ready products.  You don't have to be an AMWA member to be included on the list.

To have an implementation added for any of the three categories above, please click through to an application form.

If you would like to update the details of an existing item on the list, please also use this link.


Please note that the product must be currently available for sale, not still in development, and that the link must go to the product page, detailing the NMOS support, and not to a generic website.

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