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Certification Supplier Information

Certification Authority – AS-11 DPP Supplier Information


Why get involved?

The AMWA has set up the Certification Authority (CA) to work with partner organizations in demonstrating the compliance of a product to an AMWA Application Specification.

For vendors, it provides an opportunity to participate in an external quality assurance check, ensuring that their implementation meets independently determined criteria. It also grants the legal right to those vendors to make use of the AS-11 DPP Certified logo and to state publicly that their products are certified.

What does a certificate mean?

For a detailed explanation of what a certificate means and what it does not mean, see the page CERTIFICATION AUTHORITY – AS-11 DPP

What entitlement does a certificate bring?

The supplier of a compliant product may use the “Certified AS-11 DPP” logo and claim compliance as part of their Sales and Marketing campaigns and / or direct users and potential users of their products to the test reports on the AMWA site.

What are the testing criteria?

The testing criteria for the AS-11 DPP specification are defined by the Digital Production Partnership.

Who will conduct the testing?

The DPP’s test lab will carry out checks that a product meets the criteria that they have defined.



What does it cost?

Initial certification for any product is $1,750. An update certification for any previously certified product is $500 within 2 years of the date of issue of the initial certification.

Initial certification of a different product from a vendor who already has a certified product is $1,750.

There is an annual royalty payment for any certification of $200 per year. However, the royalty payment for the initial year is included in the price of the initial certification.

If an OEM requests the re-issuance of a certification for some reason other than an error in the certificate (i.e. the requesting company is acquired by another company), then a $130 administrative fee will be charged.

Can I update my certification?

When a new version of product software has passed the DPP’s tests, the CA will issue an updated certificate at a discounted rate within two years of the initial certification. The only caveat to this is whether the DPP has either continued to operate the test lab or has informed the CA of some other method that is acceptable for the issuance of certificates. If the DPP stops providing a method for testing products then updates will not be available.

Our DPP Test Report says that the product name is "XYZ", but everybody knows our product as "ABC". Can we get a certificate for "ABC"?

Not unless you get a revised DPP Test Report saying that "ABC" is the product that passed their tests.

The CA can only issue certifications to the exact company, and for the exact product and version number listed on the Test Report. The CA will not become involved in issues of whether product "XYZ" is in fact the same product as "ABC", or whether Company 'R' acquired Company "L", and now the product from Company "L" should be certified. All of these discussions are between the DPP and the Vendor. The CA simply issues the certification based on the information listed in the Test Report.



Can I use the certified logo for future versions of a product?​

A certificate is issued for a specific software release of a specific product so it is only possible to claim that this version is certified. However, as long as subsequent versions continue to meet the DPP testing criteria, it is possible to continue the use of the logo and the marketing claims.

How do I get involved?

The first step to certification is to obtain a test report which shows compliance to the DPP’s criteria. To start this process, please contact the DPP.  Once you have a test report, please follow the DPP Certification Application Procedure to obtain a certificate.




For information on the DPP Compliance Programme please contact the DPP.

For information on the AMWA Certification Authority please contact

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