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Why was it created?

The AMWA operates a Certification Authority (CA) to convey to vendors the legal right to use logos and to make claims about their product’s or service’s performance. It is a major goal of the CA, working with our partners, to increase a media company's confidence when selecting products to use in their programme-making and delivery processes.


What does it do?

The AMWA Certification Authority works with partner organizations to demonstrate to the industry that products meet testing criteria established by our partners.

It is important to note that the CA does not establish the criteria for certification, nor does it perform testing or analysis to determine whether a vendor's product meets those criteria - this work is done elsewhere. However, once the vendor has proof that their product meets the criteria, they may apply to the CA in order to be granted formal certification and access to logos and other marketing material to promote their products and services.

Certification Authority Projects

The first project for the Certification Authority has been with the UK’s Digital Production Partnership (DPP), comprising public service broadcasters, the BBC, Channel Four and ITV. Their goal is to promote interoperability between products used in the delivery of AS-11 DPP format MXF files prior to distribution.  Further details are on our CERTIFICATION AUTHORITY – AS-11 DPP page. 

Benefits for End Users

The move from tape to file based workflows can introduce concerns about interoperability between different products. It is important that media companies have confidence that a manufacturer's product meets its claims of compliance to an Application Specification and that files can be reliably exchanged between systems.

Benefits for Suppliers

The goal of product certification is to give users of products the confidence that there is interoperability between a range of suppliers and that MXF files created to an AMWA Application Specification will meet that specification for easy exchange.  Further details are on our Certification Authority – AS-11 DPP Supplier Information page. 

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